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Rachel Marvin Creative offers a printed product with a desire to achieve the color complexity that only comes from flat printing without sacrificing texture and finish. Paired with purposefully selected paper and envelope stocks, not only will the visibly precise colors and sharp design create a memorable experience for your wedding guests, but the tangible feel of our fine stationery will as well.
We are excited to now offer gold foil and letterpress printing in combination with the standard flat printing for most of our semi-custom collection and custom designs. Please let us know if you wish to discuss including the lovely, timeless methods of gold foil and/or letterpress with your personalized suite.


High quality digital printing which uses ink on paper. This method allows a large combination of colors to be printed at once, for reproduction of painted and illustrative artwork. This method is only available on 110 lb. or lighter cardstock paper, but the paper can be duplexed for a double-thick feel. Both letterpress and foil printing can be added to a digitally printed card. Digital printing is not apparent on dark paper, which is why we only offer digital envelope address printing on our lighter colored envelopes.


A relief printing method in which pressure and ink are applied to the surface of the paper, creating a debossed impression you can feel as well as see. Available on 110 lb. and 220 lb. cardstock cotton paper.


Foil printing (or hot foil stamping) is a method of relief printing similar to letterpress, in which heat, pressure, and a metallic foil are applied to the surface of the paper, resulting in a beautiful metallic impression you can also feel. Available on 110 lb. and 220 lb. cardstock cotton paper.
Our paper of choice is the 110 lb. Crane's Lettra cotton cardstock. It is 100% cotton and soft and luxurious to the touch. Usually a paper reserved for letterpress and gold foil printing methods due to its supple impression ability, this paper showcases digital printing with equal elegance. Comes in either a fluorescent white or pearl white color.
Rachel Marvin Creative envelopes
We have meticulously curated an extensive collection of envelopes, individually hand-picking each one to ensure that color, style and paper quality will seamlessly pair with our brand of invitations. Each invitation range from our collection comes with a preselected envelope style/color, however, further personalize your invitation suite by choosing from any of the envelopes shown above.
 Let us know if you desire to replace the preselected envelopes before we proceed with a quote, as envelope pricing varies and will affect the price per set.

Add further personalization to your invitations with an array of additional pieces.


  • DIGITAL ADDRESS PRINTING - for both guest and return addressing (front or flap). A great alternate to having your envelopes hand addressed. Now available with white ink printing.
  • WRAP AROUND ADDRESS LABELS - a great option for our dark and translucent envelopes. Printed with guest and return address. We can apply the labels for you, or the labels can be sent to you on sheets for you to peel and place on the envelopes.
 Make your envelopes even more special with a matching liner applied to the inside envelope flap. Most of our semi-custom designs have a matching envelope liner, we can also create custom liner designs.
A delicate addition to your suite, belly bands are tied or applied around the "belly" of the invitation card. This option is great for holding the cards of the set together for easy, cohesive removal from the envelope. Belly band options include:
  • Velvet ribbon
  •  Twine
  • Paper bands
  • Suede chord
A separate paper sheet that "encloses" the invitation set inside the main envelope. Another elegant option for holding the cards of the set together. Fold styles include:
  • Gate enclosure - similar to a trifold, the gate enclosure has two flaps that meet at the center, opening like double doors.
  • Center fold enclosure - a single fold down the middle, this style opens like a book, revealing the invitation and set inside.
Hand-tearing creates a soft, textured edge, similar to hand made paper. Adds a vintage, elegant feel to any design.

Samples of sets from our semi-custom collection can be purchased directly through our shop or our online Etsy store.


Most of our collection suites are available as printable designs. With this option each card included with your printable suite is personalized and provided via email as print ready, non-editable PDF files for you to download and print locally or online. A standard printable package includes the invitation card, reply card and info card, additional items such as programs, menus, seating charts, and more are also available in printable format. Please contact us for printable package pricing and options.

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